Creating the Perfect Reading Corner

Creating a reading corner is a quick an easy way to liven up and “smarten up” a playroom.   According to the National Children’s Reading Foundation’s website, “Just 20 minutes a day reading aloud to to young children promotes family bonding, encourages listening and language skills, and gives children a strong reading foundation.”  Reading nooks also provide a quiet place for kids to relax or a family space where kids snuggle with their parents.  Luckily, almost any corner of a well lit room can be converted into a reading nook.  All you need is something to sit on, a well lit space and a pile of books in and your on your way.

The Perfect Reading Chair

Kids love reading time with parents, so any couch will do, but kids also need a place to sit on their own to read.  Here are my top picks for making or buying reading chairs:

Buy It:

1.  Bean Bag Chair.  Kids love ‘em and for the most part they are affordable.  If your looking to save room, consider the Boon Green Oval Animal Bag as it provides a place to store stuffed animals and a place to sleep.

2.  P’Kolino Little Reader Chair, $55.  A small little foam chair, designed specifically for toddlers and preschoolers to reading.  With small pocket on the side, sturdy construction and light enough for kids to move from room to room, what’s not to love about this chair?  Got two toddlers, consider the P’Kolino Little Sofa – Sleeper.

3.  Kid’s Armchair.  Kids can really sit in any chair to read, but a nice armchair might just keep ‘em reading for a little longer.

Make it:

1.  Forward-Facing Bookshelf.  If you don’t have room for a reading corner, simply use their bed.  Install a forward facing bookshelf above the bed and you’re good to go.  Click on the previous link to learn three easy ways to make your own bookshelf.

2.  Convert an old dining room chair.  If you have an extra or old dining room chair lying around, give it a new life as a kid chair.  Simply cut of the legs, spray paint it, and staple a new fabric over the existing seat.  To spice it up a little, as shown in the chair below, you can also glue on some ribbon and or some trim along to bottom.


3. How about a cute little storage chair?

So easy to build, yet so cute!  Plans here.

A Perfect Reading Space

The perfect reading space is really up to your kids.   Whether it is on their bed or in the corner of the playroom, let your kids be your guide in finding the perfect reading nook.   As a parent a little compromising may have to happen to ensure the chosen spot is in a quite area away from the television.  If you are feeling really ambitious consider creating a truly memorable secret reading retreat or reading loft.   Add some pillows and lighting to the nook under the staircase or convert a section of the attic into a secret hideaway.  Juicy Bits‘ playroom has a perfect example of converting a staircase nook:

What kid wouldn’t want to read for hours in there?  Don’t have a nook or attic?  Get create with your closets!  If you have a large closet, take off the doors and put in a loft bed.  Yep, a loft bed.  Grab yourself an inexpensive IKEA loft bed and set in up in the closet.  By installing a hanging bar below the bed, your secret loft won’t come at the expense of your closet space.  Throw a  forward-facing bookshelf on the wall next to the bed, add some lighting and your retreat is ready to go.  Here is a more complex inspiration version of the closet loft:

In the end remember, instilling the love of reading in your kids is truly a gift that will keep on giving.

Happy reading!

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