How to Turn Jumbo Wood Peg Puzzles into a Hanging Storage System

jumbo puzzleJumbo Peg Puzzles (wood puzzles with a large over-sized peg), such as Melissa & Doug Deluxe Fish Bowl, are not only great for little learners, but for creating a hanging storage system in your playroom as well.  Once your children have outgrown their Jumbo Peg Puzzles, converting the puzzle pieces into hangers for anything from dress-up clothes to small bags and stuffed animals can be completed in minutes.  Simply purchase a pack of 3M Command Mounting Replacement Strips (medium tend to work best), trim the strips to fit the back of the puzzle piece, mount according to the instructions given on the package and within minute you have a decorative hanging playroom storage!  The large pegs on Melissa and Doug’s puzzles, easily hold small bags and clothes without a problem and can even store stuffed animals and small toys by attaching a simple toy hammock.  Brilliant!  A cute, recycled, decorate storage idea that is as fast as it is fun!

Bottom Line:  Who knew a jumbo peg puzzle can transform better than Bumblebee?  With the simple addition of 3M Command Strips, puzzle pieces can easily be converted into decorative hanging storage for your playroom.

Prices and Links to Purchase: Melissa & Doug Deluxe Fish Bowl Jumbo Knob Puzzle (many different styles are available), $9;  3M Command Medium Mounting Replacement Strips, $4

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