The Ultimate Playroom Multitasker: Curtains

Curtains can do wonders for adding a little punch of color to a room, but with a little imagination, they can also add a lot of fun.  From converting an awkward corner into a stage or transforming a closet into a puppet theatre, curtain are as versatile as they are fun.  Best of all, they quickly retract into a corner when not in use.  Here are some creative ideas for getting the most out of your curtains:

1.  The Play Stage

Better Homes and Garden's Colorful Playroom

Turn a corner of your playroom into a grand stage for performances.  Behind this curtain is a “back stage” full of dress-up clothes and props.  For additional views of this playroom, visit Better Homes & Garden’s here.

Playroom Stage

Feeling ambitious?  Paint a backdrop as well!  See more pictures of this amazing playroom here.

2.  The Puppet Theatre

Puppet Theatre Curtain

By simply cutting an opening into a curtain, your kids will be free to play everything from library checkout to McDonald’s.  The beauty of this set up is that curtain can hang in a doorway or an existing closet.  (Original idea here.)

3.  The Playhouse

Playhouse curtain

While this curtain is attached to a bed, why couldn’t you up the scale and attach the curtain to the ceiling?  From a firehouse to a princess castle, a curtain is the perfect retractable play tent!  (Original idea here.)

General Tips:

When running a curtain across a room you have two basic options, a wire or a track.  In most cases wires are cheaper, easier to install and to use.  IKEA’s Dignitet is a great start at only $15 and can be attached to the ceiling or wall.  An attachment to round a corner is also available with this set.  If screwing the wire harness into the wall isn’t an option for you, consider a flexible ceiling-mountable curtain track.  This track runs smooth and can be attached to the ceiling with 3M Command Mounting Strips.  The mounting strips won’t hold the curtain as well as screws, but as long as your kids aren’t swinging on the curtain, the mounting strips will work just fine.

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