The Best Toy Gifts for Older Elementary Kids

While the blissful “Santa” years may be over, no longer having  jolly St. Nick as a bad gift scapegoat may need not be a worry with one of these toys wrapped under the tree.

Active/Outside Play

AquaPod:  Turn your old two-liters bottles into a rockets that blasts up to 100 feet in the air.  Using only water, air and a bike pump, the Aquapod uses air pressure to safely blasts rockets into the air.  $25, Aquapod Bottle Launcher

X-Zylo Ultra:  Perfect Stocking Stuffer!  Who knew a simple plastic disc could fly across entire football fields with a simple flick of the wrist?  Half science experiment, half magic trick, you kids will be amazed at what this little disc can do.  Click here to see the X-Zylo in action.  $8, X-zylo Ultra.

Huffy Green Machine: The latest version of the 1970′s classic is fun for parents and kids alike.  With helmets in hand, your kids will be ready for hours of sliding, gliding and spinning fun.  Related Post: The Best Drifters, Slliders and Riders: Plasma Cars, RipRiders, EzyRollers and Green Machines. $100, Huffy Green Machine 2.

Dodge Tag

Dodge Tag

Dodge Tag: Dodgeball without the sting and tag without the “I got you!” arguments, Dodge Tag is the best of both worlds.  Simple throw the soft balls at your oppoents target in attempts to get them “out.”  A simple, go anywhere active game kids of various ages will enjoy.  $20, Diggin Dodge Tag.

Stomp Rocket Ultra: Kids will be amazed as they watch these simple foam rockets fly through the air with a simple “stomp.”  $15, Super High Performance Stomp Rocket.

Building, Construction and Hands-on Learning

Rokenbok: This construction set and RC car hybrid is the perfect combination of electronic entertainment and smash ‘em up fun.  Use the RC construction vehicles to create a working construction site or a competitive Demolition Derby, either way these cars are built to perform and build to last.  Related Post: The Best Construction Themed Toys for All Ages and Interests.  Starter sets begin at $100, Rokenbok Starter Sets.



Cuboro: Perhaps one of my favorite “toys” of all time.  These wood blocks combine together in limitless formations to create seemingly impossible marble runs. The marble runs solely on gravity, but it appears to be through magic as it drops in and out of channels and hidden passageways.   Related Post: Cuboro – A Ture Toy Masterpiece.  $225, Cuboro Standard.

Quadrilla: Quadrilla is a colorful wood marble run that is designed to grow with your child. It consists of wood tracks, connecting blocks and accessory pieces that guide the marble through tunnels, down ramps and spinning through whirlpools.   Related Post: Quadrilla, a Marble Run for the Whole Family.  Sets start at $60, Quadrilla..

Snap Circuits Jr.:  Who knew electricity could be so fun while being so safe!  These basic circuitry kit will bring your child hours of educational joy as they light up their own light bulbs, launch an UFO into the air, or complete any of the 100 plus projects.  $25, Snap Circuits Jr. SC-100.

Brickadoo:  Build a miniature house using real brick and mortar!  Kids will love this creative hands-on project that allows them to be the architect.  Best of all, when soaked in water, the mortar washes away, allowing new houses and buildings to be built over and over again!  Projects start at $20, Brickadoo.

Lego’s:  By 8 years of age, most kids are ready to take on the challenge of advanced Lego sets.  With many themes to choose from, from Star Wars and Indiana Jones to intricate cities and buildings, Lego’s has all interests and ability levels covered.  Sets start at $10, Lego Store on Amazon..

Harumika Dress Form

Harumika Dress Form

Frigits:  Turn your refrigerator (or any magnetic surface) in an interactive, hands-on marble adventure that parents will enjoy as much as their kids.  Related Post: Frigits!  Kits start at $25, Frigits.

Harumika Dress Forms:  Your budding fashionistas will love creating their own fashion designs with the fabric and accessories included in each dress form kit.   Best of all, when not in use, the dress form doubles as unique bedroom decoration.  $16, Harumika Dress Forms.

Books and Games

River Crossing:  Help the backpacker safely cross the alligator and pirana infested lagoon.  An updated version of Frogger, this addictive, take anywhere game teaches critical thinking, problem solving and strategic development.   $15, ThinkFun River Crossing.
rush hour
Rush Hour: , Rush Hour challenges it’s players to get their car through a traffic jam in these least number of moves as possible.   This smarty pants game has won numerous awards, including a national award from Mensa.  $18, ThinkFun Rush Hour.

Discovery Toys – Puzzle Island: This interactive parent-child activity book has hidden adventures and mysteries on every page.  Help your child have fun while unlocking the clues and teaching them patience and problem solving.  $10 , Puzzle Island.

Roald Dahl 15 Book Box Set:  From Charley and the Chocolate Factory, to Matilda and The Witches, Roald Dahl is sure to keep young readers coming back for more.  Related Post: How to Increase Your Child’s Literacy as They Watch TV.  $30, Roald Dahl 15 Book Box Set.

Anne of Green Gables Book Set: Anne, a spirited red-head is just as feisty as she is lovable.  If you’ve ever experienced the joy and delight Anne brings to her readers you are sure to want to pass it on the others.   Related Post: How to Increase Your Child’s Literacy as They Watch TV.  $32, The Complete Anne of Green Gables Boxed Set.


The Learning Calendar

The Learning Calendar

The Learning Calendar:  ”The Learning Calendar combines thousands of hours of research and dozens of creative teaching ideas into a fun-filled educational calendar that’s winning the heart of everyone who sees it! The 2010 Spectacular Science Edition will blow the beaker right off your Bunsen burner!” -Amazon Review.  $15, The Learning Calendar – 2010 Spectacular Science Edition.

Iwako Erasers

Iwako Erasers

Iwako Erasers: These erasers are taking the toy world by storm!  These cute and collectible erasers are too cute to pass up.  The new “must have,” classroom-approved toys are quickly finding they way into the hearts of students around the world.  Sets start at $3, Iwako Erasers.

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